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World Famous Grandfather Clocks

I have received one or two muted comments recently regarding the fact that it says "WORLD FAMOUS" on top of my Grandfather Clocks letterheads. Well, I may not be as famous as David Beckham the footballer or even David Beckham my milkman who, coincidentally, has the same name, but I have sold clocks to people all over the world. Here is a list of countries from off the top of my head:
All parts of the UK and Ireland, All parts of the United States of America, Israel, South Africa, Bermuda, Guadalcanal, Holland, Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.

There are probably one or two more but I think that gives a good idea.

Obviously, most of the people in these countries will not be aware of my existence, but to those who do know me, I have a claim to fame. All of them received their clocks undamaged (thanks to the skills of my experienced shipper) and in perfect working order. All of them love their clocks and have told me so, in fact some of them were so pleased, they have purchased more than one!

What do you think, is this world famous enough?