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Shipping a grandfather clock to Europe

My grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock sales to mainland Europe have increased at a steady pace over the last few years and I would like to thank my European friends for their kind interest in my antique clocks. I like to think that the quality of my stock is the sole reason for this, but obviously the decline of the Pound against the Euro has also played a major part.

Added to that, the need for less stringent Customs controls in the EU and the increase in the large network of superb trailer services throughout the continent, has added a new dimension in a much faster service and ease of distribtion. I still tend to favour airfreight when feasible for my antique grandfather clocks and continue to place myself in the hands of the same experienced, professional shipper who has served me faultlessly over the past 30 years.

A hand made, sturdy, wooden crate for complete protection of my antique clocks is always a part of my transportation package and this has helped keep my service totally blemish free and I would like to think the equal of, if not better than most. No matter where you are on the European continent, you can buy a grandfather clock from my website without fear. When it arrives promptly at your home, it will be even better than it looks on any photograph and will have left my premises in excellent working order having been cleaned and serviced to perfection. In addition, I am always here to offer any friendly after sales advice you may need.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.