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Shipping a grandfather clock to Dubai and the UAE

It is a dear wish of mine to expand my business and sell more antique grandfather clocks and longcase or tallcase clocks in Dubai.

This is a market I have explored for some time now and done quite a bit of ground work regarding the types of clocks in which people in this part of the world might be interested. There appears to be quite a number of expats in Dubai and they still tend to like the tried and trusted clocks such as an antique grandfather clock with moon phases in a mahogany case. However, I am perfectly willing to buy a clock to order if so desired.

Shipping a clock is not a problem and a customised hand crafted wooden crate for complete protection comes as part of any transaction. A delivery in Dubai does not present a difficulty as nobody is very far away from the airport.

I like to send my antique clocks by airfreight and the professional shipper I use to pack and transport my grandfather clocks has done the job brilliantly for over 35 years and never presented me or any of my customers with a problem.

Normal payment method for an antique clock is by direct transfer from bank to bank in Pounds Sterling. The clock is generally with the customer within at least ten days of payment being received and often within seven days.

I have been sending clocks all over the world now for many years and Dubai would be a delight for me to explore in greater detail. Please buy with confidence. I offer a totally professional service and my antique grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks are guaranteed to be in perfect working order when leaving my premises. My experienced, specialist shipper, sees to it that they are exactly the same on arrival. However, for complete peace of mind, total loss insurance is offered free of charge.