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Shipping a grandfather clock to North America - USA and Canada

I have been sending grandfather clocks (also known as longcase clocks or tallcase clocks) to North America (both Canada and the USA) for over 35 years now and with great success.

This is due in no small part to the excellence and total professionalism of my shipper. Although I guarantee that a clock is in perfect working order before it leaves my premises, it is imperative that it arrives at its destination in the same condition. My shipper crafts a custom built wooden crate for each individual clock and this affords the maximum protection. In all the years I have been shipping to America, my antique clocks have never suffered any damage. This is I think, is something to be proud of.

When I send my grandfather clocks I tend to favour airfreight. There is not that much difference now in airfreight and seafreight costs, but the airfreight is much quicker, usually a customer will receive a clock within ten days of the order being placed, and handling of the crate is reduced to a minimum. The less handling, the safer the antique clock.

Once the clock has been delivered, I can always be contacted by e mail or telephone if any friendly professional advice is needed.

If you are thinking of purchasing a grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock from me then do so in complete confidence. You will be kept in touch with progress every step of the way.