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Oak case grandfather clocks and longcase clocks

I think it is true to say that there are more cases made from oak than all the other woods put together. Right from the start of grandfather and longcase clock making in this country, oak has been used to house the works. We think of oak as a country wood and because Cheshire is a rural type county, we find many clock cases made from oak.

The very first simple, single fingured brass grandfather and loncase clock works, the latter 8 day brass, square, arch dial and moonphase works and all the painted dial works can be found in oak cases. Typical of the northern clock case is the is the mixture of oak and mahogany. The case will be mainly oak but decorated and crossbanded in mahogany. We see this on other funiture made in this part of the country e.g. Food Cupboards, Mule Chests and Dressers. This is often repeated on the panels and doors of grandfather and longcase clocks.

Over the years, I have seen Cheshire works housed in black, carved oak cases. I have no doubt that many of these cases are original to the works they house, but just as many could have been carved at a later date. Some of the carvings are of good quality and ornate and must have been very time consuming but when sold, the true price is not reflected in the selling price because these carved oak cases rarely make the money they deserve. A good carved oak grandfather or longcase clock with a brass dial can look very attractive. All cases have their own features which are found in the feet, trunk and hood