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Eric Harshbarger's Lego Grandfather Clock

I have been selling antique grandfather clocks for over 30 years now, and have to say that it takes something really interesting or different to make me sit up and take notice.

From time to time, whilst checking on my own website, I had noticed a site advertising the fact that someone had built a grandfather clock made from Lego.I have to say, that for a long while, I did not even pay it the compliment of a visit.

Eventually,I got round to doing just that and was fascinated to see that Eric Harshbarger had not only built a full size grandfather clock from Lego, but that he had also succeeded in making it work and keep time. It is hard enough to do this with a standard clock movement sometimes and what Eric has managed to do, is a remarkable piece of engineeering. He is a bright and inventive young man,and I would like to congratulate him on his achievement.

There is a picture of Eric standing next to his clock on his page.I only hope he does not go into cheap mass production!!

You will note that Eric is quite handsome, not as handsome as myself of course, but modesty forbids me from saying that.

Why not have a glance at Eric's clock? It is well worth the look: