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Irish, Scottish and Welsh grandfather clocks

In the past few weeks I have been asked several times if there is any difference in value between English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh grandfather clocks. The answer to this is that there isn't any difference and it all depends on the quality of the clock.

I, Personally, like Scottish grandfather clocks because of the colour of the mahogany they are made from. It is just that bit redder and the clocks look beautiful. I particularly have a passion for the keyhole shape variety cases. The majority of the Irish grandfather clocks that have come into my possession tend to have round dials but I have to say that this may be pure coincidence and not the norm. The automatum Welsh grandfather clocks also appeal to me. They tend to be a bit later but I love the Rocking Ships, Rocking Swans,Moving Lions eyes, etc. These later clocks are often on the large size and look just like I imagined all grandfather clocks would look like when I was a boy. A proper grandfather clock indeed!