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Longcase, tallcase and grandfather clocks as an investment?

When I first started buying,restoring and selling antique longcase / tallcase / grandfather clocks over 34 years ago, the average price of a nice quality painted dial mahogany clock with rolling moon phases was around £100. The average price now for such a clock is in excess of £3000, so in that period of time they have risen in price substantially.

However, the investment line does not always do a straight vertical. The price of antique longcase / tallcase / grandfather clocks can be governed by fashion or by the economy of the country or even the world, so there are times when the line may dip for a while. Having said that, I have found that on the whole, over the longer period, the price does tend to maintain a steady growth, especially for the nicer ones. What would £100 now be worth if it had been invested in a bank or building society 34 years ago? Not a lot I would have thought.

There was an article in The Times a few years ago about investing in antiques and at that time it showed a picture of an antique longcase / tallcase / grandfather clock and stated that this type of item was the best antique investment that could be made. I wish now that I had cut it out and kept it. I cannot comment on new grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks as I have no record as to whether they maintain or increase their prices or not.

I would like to reaffirm my own belief here that when you choose an antique longcase / tallcase / grandfather clock for your home, you should always pick out the one that you like best and investment potential should be a minor and not a major factor.