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when your grandfather clock strikes incorrectly

There is nothing more infuriating than having an antique grandfather clock that does not strike the right number at the alloted time e.g.the hands may be pointing to four o' clock and the clock strikes six.

Usually, this is something that can be put right without a great deal of difficulty. Why, even I can do it ! On most grandfather clocks / longcase clocks / tallcase clocks, the hour hand (the small one), will move independently from the minute hand. Therefore, just move the hour hand to six so that the clock is now striking the right number, stop the clock for two hours, wait for the time to catch up, and then start it again. The clock is then back in its correct sequence, simple as that.

If all else fails, it is always possible to take the hands off the clock and then put them back on again pointing at the correct time.