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Parts for grandfather clocks

At the moment, I do not stock and sell parts for your antique grandfather clock. I may do so at some time in the future, but as it stands, I do not have enough time to do it justice.I prefer to concentrate on helping my customers to buy grandfather clocks - by devoting my full attention to that, I'm able to provide the best possible service to my customers.

However, as I regularly receive enquiries from people asking about where they can get parts for their grandfather clock, I have listed below the names and addresses of three companies in the UK who specialise on providing such parts for antique, longcase, and tallcase clocks.

1. Meadows and Passmore Ltd.
    1, Ellen Street,
    East Sussex BN41 1EU
    Telephone Number 01273 421321
2. Cousins Material house,
    Unit J,
    Chesham Close,
    Essex RM7 7PJ
    Telephone Number 01708 757800
3. Restoration Materials,
    Proctor Street,
    Lancashire BL8 2NY
    Telephone Number 0161 764 2741.
Hopefully, this information will help you to keep your antique clock in good working order.