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"An antique grandfather clock is a friend and companion for life."

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The John Shone Collection
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Specialist in the buying, selling and renovation of fine antique grandfather clocks for over 30 years

Benefits of selling grandfather clocks from home

I am often asked why I do not work from a shop or an antiques centre to sell my antique grandfather clocks. The answer is that I have done that and found them to be cold and unfeeling places. I find that working from my showroom at home is much more warm, relaxing and welcoming both for myself and for my customers, most of whom I like to call my friends. Cups of tea, coffee and biscuits are always on the go and we usually end up having a great time.This type of activity tends to breed trust and honesty and a feeling of wellbeing all round.

The other advantage working from my home brings when selling antique grandfather clocks is that am not weighed down by expensive overheads such as rents, rates etc. and I am able to pass on these benefits to my customers in the form of extremely competitive prices. Everyone loves a good deal,and why not? Every day life is tough enough already.