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Condition of longcase, tallcase and grandfather clocks

It is not easy now to find clocks in original condition due to damp houses, woodworm and just general wear and tear on the mechanisms. When they broke down in the past, all manner of people had a go at mending them and today we see different levels of craftmanship in these repairs. The present day value can sometimes be influenced by just how good these repairs are. On occasions, cases and movements were interchanged as cases rotted and mechanisms wore out. This is how so called "Married" clocks came about.

Some are good marriages and look the part while others are bad marriages and look ridiculous. Originality therefore plays a big part in the value of a clock, and anyone needing a clock repair done now a days should only consult with someone who is perfectly capable of doing a good job. The professional longcase / tallcase / grandfather clock dealer is therefore now an important part of sociey as before he sells a clock he will have made sure that it has been cleaned and serviced and presented to the general public in a way that will give its new owner great pleasure for years to come.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of these longcase / tallcase / grandfather clocks, it is only right that you appreciate the craftmanship that has gone into it and treasure it.

Make the big fellow that stands in the corner a scource of pride in your home.

The above article was reproduced by kind permision of my good friend Keith Appleby, author of the book "Clockmakers of Cheshire". If you would like to purchase this book from Keith, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. This will put you in direct contact with Keith.