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Chester's Famous Eastgate Clock

An article from the Chester Chronicle dated 27th May 1899 about the Eastgate Clock that was paid for by Colonel Evans Lloyd out of his own pocket to celebrate Queen Victoria's 80th birthday in 1897.

"It is supplied by the well known firm of Joyce and Co. of Whitchurch. It has four dials so that pedestrians approaching the Eastgate on The Walls on the north or south will be able to see the correct time as well as folk who are moving towards the same point along the streets from the east and west. It is of course, special design. The frame is of cast iron with planed service, while the whole of the wheels, both of the clock and the dial work, are of gun metal, all the teeth being separately cut out of the solid. The pinions are what are known as lantern pinions - as recommended by Lord Grimthorpe, a great authority on clocks, each leaf of the pinions being of steel and separately hardened and tempered. The hands are of sheet copper and are strengthened by fluted ribs up the back. The popular supposition seems to have been that this was a spring clock, presumably because there is no apparent receptacle in the tower for weights, and that there was therefore some danger that Colonel Evans Lloyd's gift, through not being an accurate time keeper, might be a source of inconvenience rather than of convenience. The contrary, however, is the case. It is ingeniously designed to go by weights, and Mr. Joyce claims that it will be a most reliable time keeper. The pendulum beats one and a quarter seconds, and the pendulum ball weighs no less than one hundred weight. The great weight of the latter is believed to be more than a sufficient guarantee against any possible effects of vibration that high winds might cause. The clock will have to be wound once a week, and it has not yet been determined who shall be charged with this duty."

I hope that clock enthusiasts will find the above information of interest. Chester is a truly magical city having 2000 years of fascinating history, and The Eastgate Clock is the most photographed timepiece in the world after Big Ben.