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"An antique grandfather clock is a friend and companion for life."

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The John Shone Collection
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Procuring my grandfather clocks

As is probably evident from my website, I have a passion for antique grandfather clocks, longcase clocks, and tallcase clocks, and I enjoy passing on the benefits of this passion to my customers. I do not have walls full of grandfather clocks as I am most selective and anything I buy must have something  " A little special " about it.

I am prepared to travel many miles until I find just the right clock. I love buying an antique grandfather clock that has been in the same family for generations and has witnessed many first cries of birth. A clock that has obviously been cherished and cared for and polished to a wonderful colour and patination. A clock that has been treated like royalty and become an integral and indispensible part of the family and perhaps even been given its own name." My mum used to call him Edward " is something a lady said to me a few weeks ago." She  said he had a personality all of his own and was the only friend in her entire life who had never let her down." Is that not something " a little special? "

If I can bring a grandfather clock or antique clock like this to the attention of my valued customers, I have done my job well.