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The John Shone Collection
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Specialist in the buying, selling and renovation of fine antique grandfather clocks for over 30 years

Fully qualified in dealing with and valuing antique grandfather clocks.

I have long been involved with and have a passion for antique grandfather clocks, several of which have 'shone' on BBC television.

Please visit the antique clock galleries by clicking onto the menu at the side to view my current range of antique grandfather clocks, longcase clocks & tallcase clocks.

I have had dealings with every type of grandfather clock imaginable in my 30 years in the industry - including, of course, antique grandfather clocks ("longcase" or "tallcase" clocks). If you wish to gain information about a specific grandfather clock from one of my galleries, please use the contact page to do so.

All grandfather clocks are an eight day movement and are restored, unless otherwise stated.

As featured in The Sunday Times John surrounded by grandfather clocks
Featured grandfather clock
Featured antique grandfather clock: 1750


Circa 1750. 12" brass arch dial with subsiduary seconds dial and date aperture in very slim oak case,12 1/2" (32cms.)with early feature Caddy Hood . Height 7'9" (236cms.) SENSIBLE OFFER CONSIDERED Delivery and setting up of this clock is free to any destination on the UK mainland. There is also a one year guarantee Most elegant clock with superb early brass dial.
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I am delighted with the spendid grandfather clock which has adorned my front hall for the last week.It is lovely to look at and its striking the hours is a very pleasing addition to our household.

Bishop Tom Wright, Bishop Of Durham.

Dear John,
I love my grandfather clock.It makes my home a more cozy, happy place of its own. Every time its chimes ring through the house, I get a nice feeling.

Michael "Flea" Balzary, bass guitarist with Rock group,The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dear John,
Thank you for your time and trouble in setting up my clock, I am very pleased with the finished product. If you wish to give my address to vouch for your reliability and professionalism, I'd be very happy to do that. Thank you for all you have done throughout the course of this transaction. Keep well.

Judge Graeme Warner.
Edinburgh Sheriff.

John and Grandfather Clocks

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked several times, both by e mail and phone, whether I ever get tired of Grandfather Clocks. The simple answer is no, I do not.

I love being involved with Grandfather Clocks, it is engrained in my soul and I cannot see myself ever retiring.I shall probably be buying, restoring and selling them until such time that my Lord and Maker finally calls it a day for me.It's nice to make a profit out of my clocks, of course it is, but it is not just that.I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends and I would like to think that most, if not all of my customers, look upon me as a friend. Above all, I get immense personal satisfaction from the look of joy on somebody's face when I am able to supply them with just the clock they have been looking for, often for a painstakingly long time.It makes me feel good inside and there is no substitute for that.

Moon Phases Clocks

This type of antique grandfather clock first came into being in the early 18th century .The moon phases discs were very small at that time,about the size of an old penny, and thus they were called penny moons .As arched dial clocks gained momentum, so the moon phase disc increased in size to the one with which we are all now most" diameter 

A moon phases disc normally has 4 small paintings on it. Two are moon faces which are opposite to each other,and then you have two other pictures which can be a combination of sailing ships, country scenes,cottages etc..A full moon occurs every 29 1/2 days,after which time,the moon which started at the top of the dial will be at the bottom and vice versa. Every 15 days,either the country scene or the sailing ship or whatever else will be at the top and obviously, its opposite will be at the bottom.

Moon phases grandfather clocks were designed  for one main reason. That reason was so that anyone wishing to travel by night would be able to tell from his clock when the next full moon would be and thus be able to plan his travel at a time when there would be most light to be guided by.

Antique Grandfather Clock Dials

Hands up those of you who own a grandfather clock which has roman numerals on the dial and have never noticed that the one of the numerals was wrong.? If you are honest,I expect that a lot of hands will  reach for the sky.Have a look at the number 4.

In roman numerals it should be 1V but it is nearly always 1111.

I have discussed this point many times with my clock peers and we can only come up with the fact that 1111 balances out the dial better with the nmber V111 on the opposite side.If anyone amongst you knows of another reason ,I would be most delighted to hear it.

UPDATE: Oct 04
My thanks to Martin Hyde who kindly provides the following interesting comments ...

I have been reading your website and noticed that you mention the Roman numeral IIII instead of IV. It is the case that the Roman's themselves did not use IV to represent the number 4, it is a much later invention for expediency (I think it came around in the late 18th Century). They never had a rule such as "if there is a smaller number in front of a larger number then it must be taken away from the larger number before carrying on" - their system was purely additive. Similarly, the number 9 would be VIIII, forty nine would be XXXXVIIII; and so on.
I would assume therefore, that the use of IIII on clocks alludes to these older times. Examples of the original Roman use are replete in the literature.
Martin Hyde

Grandfather / Longcase / Tallcase / Moonphase Clocks.Which one to buy?

Often, when potential customers and thus potential friends visit my premises to view my grandfather / longcase / tallcase / moonphase clocks, they ask me this question,"If you were me, which clock would you choose for yourself?". My answer to this question is quite simple and straightforward and always the same. A clock is a personal thing, and provided that it is suitable for your  home and within your spending compass, choose the one which you personally like best.Choose your grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock in the same careful way you chose your partner for life. Choose the one you are most attracted to and the one which you would be happy to live with for the rest of your days.It is a simple,effective and truthful answer. It is my belief that the potential investment value of a grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock should only play a secondary roll when considering which one to buy. People are sometimes a bit surprised by this answer as on many occasions the clock which they like best is not the most expensive, but that is not the important issue, even though it means less money for me! When they have had time to reflect for a moment, they tend to agree that it is a good and productive way of going about a purchase.


Time is one of those things that many of us complain we never have have enough of.

I arrived for my weekly game of chess with my friend Mike, just as his young visitor was leaving. James is a student, and always in a rush.

"Sorry I have to dash," he said, "but if I don't get back, I'll be up till midnight with this essay, I never have enough time."
"That's all right, James," I said "It's been nice to see you again".

However as he saw his young grandson to the door, I heard Mike saying quietly, "Never say you don't have enough time. A Grandfather Clock strikes the same number of hours in a day today, as were given to Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Louis Pasteur, Charles Dickens and Mother Teresa."

I smiled to myself. It's all a matter of priorities, isn't it ?