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Hi there,
Thank you for your enquiry. In addition to selling clocks to people in the U.K., I have also sold them to people throughout the world, and in particular to folks in the U.S.A.
If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a clock from me, but have misgivings because of the distance between us, then, upon request, I will be delighted to supply you with quality references from happy and contented customers.
Hopefully, these references will help to dispel any lingering fears that you might have.
Kindest Regards,

Below are a few samples of the kindly emails, satisfied clients from the USA and around the World have sent to me regarding the purchase of my clocks.

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Hello John,
The grandfather clock is gorgeous and I really love it.
It looks beautiful in my home. Thank you so much.
Jan Mason

The grandfather clocks arrived safely and are very nice.
Thank You.
Mark Zauderer
New York

Hello John,
This will confirm that I received the John Barnish clock without any damage to it and have successfully assembled it.
It started ticking after the first swing of the pendulum.
It is a beautiful piece and I could not be happier with it.I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me to add this to our home.Your service and your timely response to each of my many questions are truly appreciated.
My offer to serve as a reference for you is still open and so please do not hesitate to send any prospective customers my way.I will give them an unqualified endorsement of you and the quality of your clocks.
Christopher Atteberry
Kansas City,

Hello John,
The grandfather clock is beautiful and well worth waiting for.The whole transaction at your end was as smooth as silk as promised.It is rare to find someone who is so knowledgeable about their subject and also conducts their business in the highest professional manner.You are a one man class act!
Jan and Michael Owen

Hello John,
Thank you for a very positive buying experience.It was a special treat to cross The Pond and meet you and your lovely wife.
We must say that the packing and crating of the clock was exceptional and we now look forward to many happy years with the clock of our dreams.
Stephen and Deborah Fowlkes,

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