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The John Shone Collection
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Hi there,
Thank you for your enquiry. In addition to selling clocks to people in the U.K., I have also sold them to people throughout the world, and in particular to folks in the U.S.A.
If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a clock from me, but have misgivings because of the distance between us, then, upon request, I will be delighted to supply you with quality references from happy and contented customers.
Hopefully, these references will help to dispel any lingering fears that you might have.
Kindest Regards,

Below are a few samples of the kindly emails, satisfied clients from the USA and around the World have sent to me regarding the purchase of my clocks.

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The grandfather clock is set up and running and looks really great in my entrance hall.

Andrew Federbusch
New Jersey

The grandfather clock is beautiful.We have been searching for a long time and it is exactly what we have always wanted.
Peter and Angela Clarke,

Hi John,
We both love the grandfather clock,it is absolutely beautiful.
John and Stacy Evasius,

Hello John,
The grandfather clock is just beautiful.Your references are well deserved and we shall certainly recommend you to all our friends.
Dick and Jane Bell

The grandfather clock is absolutely perfect.
We all love it.
Dr.Chris Brennan,

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