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Hi there,
Thank you for your enquiry. In addition to selling clocks to people in the U.K., I have also sold them to people throughout the world, and in particular to folks in the U.S.A.
If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a clock from me, but have misgivings because of the distance between us, then, upon request, I will be delighted to supply you with quality references from happy and contented customers.
Hopefully, these references will help to dispel any lingering fears that you might have.
Kindest Regards,

Below are a few samples of the kindly emails, satisfied clients from the USA and around the World have sent to me regarding the purchase of my clocks.

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Dear John

Your Grandfather "organ" clock is just incredibly magnificent!!
As an organist, organ builder and clock collector I can intimately and sincerely admire such a work of art and craftsmanship.
I have many clocks and a pipe organ in my home but unfortunately would never be able to afford a clock like yours.
I sincerely hope that it finds a home where it can be appreciated for what it is - truly amazing.

Thank you for your website.


David Messineo
Principal University Organist
Princeton University


I found out on Friday that Montgomery Air Freight was handling the delivery of the grandfather clocks to my home.
My company does business with this freight line. I got my company's traffic manager to arrange for me to pick up the grandfather clocks this morning (Saturday). Otherwise, it would have been Monday and I would have had to leave work when the delivery arrived.
I had to drive Montgomery which is approximately 40 miles each way in my pickup truck but that was no problem.

You were right about the crating of the grandfather clocks. It was unbelievable. There was no way the clocks could have been damaged under normal handling conditions.

The clocks are absolutely beautiful! It took me approximately an hour and a half to uncrate and assemble the clocks. Your instructions were outstanding. The clocks never stopped once I started them and set the correct striking and time.

My wife and myself are totally pleased with the grandfather clocks. John, it has been a total pleasure doing business with you. You were so punctual and timely with your responses to my requests. You did exactly what you said you were going to do.

I will continue to watch your web site for new entries. I plan to purchase another grandfather clock in the near future.

Thank you again. We are totally satisfied!

I picked the grandfather clock up from the shippers on Friday. I unpacked the case and hood on Saturday, but it was my oldest son's birthday so I had a few birthday things to do later in the day.

I resumed setting the clock up on Sunday afternoon. I set the case up as level as I possibly could (my home was built by my grandfather in 1927 and it's anything but plumb) and bolted the case to the wall.

I put the movement in by following your instructions and took great care to follow them. I set the grandfather clock yesterday about 3:15 pm. It has been running ever since. It struck 5:00am this morning just as I was getting ready for work. Hopefully it will continue running, but I am prepared to continue to work to regulate it if it should stop.

It's absolutely beautiful! Much more colorful than even your photos showed. It makes a very nice addition to the living room in my home. I will send you a digital photo within the next couple of weeks so you can see how nice it looks.

I am very much pleased with the grandfather clock and your continued help in getting it to me. I may have other questions later, but for now, how high would you recommend I wind the weights for a complete 8-day movement? I won't raise them any higher right now than I can easily get to the pulley wheels in case it should stop.

Thanks John.

Your grandfather clocks website is really good.Just thought I would write and tell you
Nick Abbott,Hull

Hi John,
I am delighted with the grandfather clock.
It keeps better time than my Rolex watch!
Thank you so much.
Bill Bryant,
North Carolina.

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